Choose The Life Savers Program

Many professionals are already reaping the benefits of using The Watershed’s Life Savers Program.


How the Life Savers Program Can Benefit You:

  • Streamline your practice by referring cases unrelated to your expertise.
  • Improve your patients’ quality of care by providing them with reliable resources.
  • Gain confidence in the fact that you have entrusted your patient’s treatment to our highly-skilled addiction rehabilitation experts.

Your time is valuable: Let us help you help them!

We are committed to Saving Lives. The Life Savers Program ensures that every individual seeking help receives the assistance and motivation they need to make informed decisions about their addiction treatment. You can be a Life Saver!


How the Life Savers Program Benefits Your Referral:

  • Begins the addiction treatment process by opening the lines of communication between a professional addiction treatment program and the client in need.
  • Ensures that the client receives appropriate addiction treatment placement, whether they are admitted to one of the Watershed facilities or another addiction treatment option.
  • Provides life long after care, including highly involved Alumni and Family Watershed Programs, along with continual care through follow-up and support.

Lifesavers Program Resources

For more information regarding performing an intervention and other recovery related resources, please visit:


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