Free Addiction Treatment Referral Service

What is the Life Savers Program?

The Life Savers Program is The Watershed's free helpline service which was designed to assist medical, legal, social service, human resource professionals, community leaders and clergy in helping others find a solution to substance abuse and mental health problems.

If an employee, colleague, patient or associate’s drug or alcohol use begins affecting their job performance, their relationships or their health; your responsibility, as a professional, is to assist them in getting the help they need. Your concern and attention to this sometimes life threatening situation could save a life.

We know your time is valuable. Once you make a referral to the Life Saver Program, we take care of the rest. Our intervention and prevention professionals will provide your referral with an appropriate treatment placement, using our national database of over 5,000 licensed addiction treatment providers. We will engage your referral in a motivational interview and educate them on how to gain maximum access and service.

Many professionals are already reaping the benefits of using The Watershed’s Life Savers Program

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The Watershed Recovery Team

Recovery is a Reality

The Watershed is one of the leading inpatient rehab centers in the nation. We provide a wide range of treatment programs that we are confident will give you the tools you need to live a life free from addiction. We will create a personalized program to treat and manage your addiction.

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs

Heather Davisson

Community Liaison

Heather is passionate about recovery and hopes to be a strong source of information for those in need of help. Her focus is to educate business professionals around the country on the programs The Watershed offers to patients, clients, colleagues, friends and family in need....

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Why The Watershed?

  • Patient care is a priority
  • Full continuum of care
  • Dedicated full medical staff
  • Resource Specialists
  • Lifetime Alumni Services

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